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Canada Top Ag Exporter


By Fadi Didi

Canada ranks as one of the top exporters of agricultural products.

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Canada ranks as one of the top exporters of agricultural products, but other countries are expanding their exports, and Canada is looking for ways to remain competitive.

Farm Credit Canada says in 2016, Canada exported US$24.6 billion of agricultural commodities, equalling 6.3 per cent of global food exports.

In 2012, Canada held the third position globally for such exports but has since fallen to fifth due to increases in exports from China and Brazil.

Officials say our competitive advantages are going to erode if we just sit around doing nothing, so we need to invest in the industry.


It appears more farmers are donating fresh produce to food banks.

A report indicates a tax break from the province is prompting many farmers to jump on the band wagon.

For years, the Daily Bread Food Bank has relied on Ontario farms to obtain produce they can't market because it fails to meet buyers' expectations.

A year ago, after the tax break became law, the Daily Food Bank hired a staffer to develop formal agreements with farms in an effort to get even more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now, a hamper given out by Daily Bread or one of its partner agencies contains more than 30 per cent fresh food.

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