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Thanksgiving (US) Thursday


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Let's do a couple of things today, shall we ?

First- The Saugeen District Royals are competing at the OFSAA " AA " Boys Volleyball Tournament in Brockville.

On the opening day, the Royals will face Franco West & Leamington.

What's remarkable about Saugeen District is that they went 4 & 5 in Bluewater play this season and failed to make the local playoffs, yet here they are in Brockville with a shot at the provincial title.

Next- The Knights of Meaford are NOT at home tonight. Their scheduled opponent, the Fergus Force folded making them the second team in the North Division to vanish; the Wiarton Schooners were the first to sink.

The Knights WILL be at home Saturday night when they host Sequin.

And finally, while I like the United States, in particular Tittabawassee Road in Saginaw, it's nice to be in Canada.

Yes, while I liked the variety of shops, the choices for dining, movies that start at 11 am etc...I'm far too Canadian to truly enjoy ESPN TV.

ESPN is great, but trust me, last Sunday there was NOTHING on the Leaf-Habs game, or anything NHL related nor was there any semblance of a preview of the CFL semifinals.

I know all about Tulane, Davidson & Bates but had to scramble to get the Leafs result.

Have a great Thursday

I'm Fred Wallace

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