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Too Much To Lose In NAFTA


By Peter Jackson

Canada stands at a crossroads of its economic future with a lot on the line, and a lot to potentially lose.

Talks aimed at adjusting the North American Free Trade Agreement involving Canada, the U.S. and Mexico are going slowly, amid fears that the United States might scuttle the deal once and for all.

At least that's the bluster we've heard from then-candidate and now President Donald Trump.

Many observers south of the border believe that the President can tear up the deal single-handedly, while others say Congress would have the final say in a vote.

That kind of confusion is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the challenges Canada faces in the current negotiations.

In his headlong bid to "Make America Great Again", Trump looks to turn back the clock to a time when many more Americans than now were working in the manufacturing sector.

The U.S. seems to want everything their own way, with Trump leaning on his negotiators to get tough and stay tough with Canada and Mexico.

It will be a bad day for Canada if the U.S. walks away from NAFTA.

Canadian manufacturers and farmers have come too far, to lose the gains made under the deal -- gains that took a long time to realize.

While our negotiators may have their heads in the lion's mouth at the negotiating table, they can't afford to shrink from American tough talk and Presidential bluster.

We have too much to lose if they do.

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