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Saving For My Dream Vacation


By Catherine Thompson

I am very excited to say I have almost reached my goal of saving enough money for my dream trip.

I have been putting money in a special bank account for over a year. Next month, the rest will go in just three days before I'm off to Universal Studios Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I can't wait to be transported into the world I love so much from the book series.

My friend and I started planning last October. In the initial, excited conversations my first thoughts were to put the whole cost on my Line of Credit, but then the voice of reason was heard.

I decided it would be better to wait until I have all the money I will need and I will. I will not be going into debt over a vacation.

I feel quite proud that I did this the practical and responsible way. It will mean more to me when I'm there making memories.

I still remember the first thing I saved up for. I think I'll always remember the awesome stereo with speakers and an equalizer and everything, that I got when I was 16 after saving all my babysitting and McDonald's money.

I listened to that thing every single day!

Getting what you want after working hard for it is always worth it.

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