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By Jill Young

Now that several fall milestones are out of the way, everything this week is full-on Christmas.
Many people are hitting the stores to start on their Christmas shopping with a never ending soundtrack of Christmas music.
Do you hate it? Well you aren't alone.
Psychologists are saying that listening to jolly Christmas music in early November can actually stress you out.
They say people forced to listen to Christmas music especially in stores, experience pre-holiday stress as they spend all their energy trying not to hear what they're hearing.
I think it's ok for radio stations to play the music in November, or to play it now and then - it doesn't really cause me stress.
I actually think people don't really like it, because it reminds them Christmas is coming faster than we expect, and it's usually a crazy time of year.
For many it brings joy, and it's not really a negative thing, it's something WE make into a negative thing.
So I say break out the jingle bells and sing along to the music...and hopefully for some it gets them into the holiday spirit...after all we're just over a month away until Christmas!

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