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Canada's Trade Agreements

By Ross Kentner

Depending on which news media you believe, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just thrown a monkey wrench into the critically important Trans Pacific Partnership or he has just rescued the critically important Trans Pacific Partnership.  At least most Canadian media agree this is a trade deal we don't want to miss out on.  Originally, it was important because the United States was in.  Now it's doubly important because the United States is out.  

It will be triply important if President Trump cancels NAFTA.   That's one of the reasons 
Mexico is one of the 11 countries still negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership and working closely with Canada to ensure that the agreement will serve both countries well going forward.  We are a trading nation; it will take a lot of new partners to compensate for the loss of a free trade agreement with the U.S.

It's interesting that key clauses providing protection for workers, the environment and Canada's cultural and intellectual property interests are back on the bargaining table after our Prime Minister's not so subtle hint that he is prepared to walk from a deal that doesn't meet our needs.  Afterall, next to Japan, Canada is the largest economy in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

In the end, it won't hurt for Mr. Trump to see that our PM is no chump.

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