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Big Game in Owen Sound


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Tonight is Hockey Night in Owen Sound, a unique international affair pitting the touring Russian Selects against the Ontario Hockey League as part of the annual CIBC series.

It's a big night for Jonah Gadjovich, Markus Phillips & Nick Suzuki of the Owen Sound Attack, as this games serve as a foundation for consideration for Canada's National Junior team.

And while the game is big for all of the players, for the Attack organization plus the city & region......I find myself reflecting on Frank Coulter who passed away a week ago.

I can't remember where or when I first met Frank, but I can assure it didn't take long to encounter him- he was everywhere, one of the few people you were as likely to encounter in Bruce County as Grey County.

I fondly remember the Truck Dance at the Tara Arena in 1995, a massive success designed to support a local ball team.

Six years later, Brian Johnson, while attempting to form an ownership group to purchase the Owen Sound Ontario Hockey League franchise, called Frank.

Frank told Brian that he wasn't interested in participating.

Later, Brian Johnson called Frank again.

This time Frank told Brian he WAS interested in buying a hockey team...BUT the team he wanted to buy was the Tara Peewees.

Everybody laughed. They always did when Frank Coulter was involved.

And he did get involved in the Attack ownership, right from the beginning, and now, more than 17 years later, as a testament to Frank Coulter's business skills, his persuasiveness, his ability to get things done and done successfully, we have a big hockey game in Owen Sound tonight.

I'm Fred Wallace

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