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Put Your Snow Tires On


By Phil De Land

With November here, and December right around the corner it's time for a very helpful reminder...put your snow tires on.

Even though the past two years have seen a mild approach to Christmas, the white stuff can sneak up on us at any moment.

Yet, every year around this time we get our first snowfall and there comes a litany of accidents and collisions because people simply weren't prepared.

It may be a cliche but folks we live in Canada, snow and winter are kind of our thing.

People often ask "well when is a good time to put on snow tires?"

The rule of thumb should be to put them on when you see your local hardware store roll out it's Christmas decorations.

Sure we may not see a dumping of snow three feet high, but do it on that off chance that you get up at 5am and the road's a little slick because we had some flurries overnight.

Put them on just in case the temperature suddenly drops from plus 3 to minus 6 and the rain the weather man was calling for becomes freezing rain or snow.

It's just irresponsible to be driving around this time of year without the proper tires on your car.

All seasons won't cut it either, you have to get your hands on a set of actual winter snow tires.

They're designed to handle heavy wet snow, light fluffy snow and even ice.

Just like your embarrassing Uncle's choice of sweaters at the family Christmas party, weather in Canada can be unpredictable.

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