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Sticking Up For Reality

By Mariane McLeod

If we must keep the fusty old tradition linking Canada to the monarchy, what a delight to have a thinking person in the role.

In case you missed it because you're so over the divine rights of royalty, newly minted Governor General Julie Payette, astronaut and scientist, had a giggle at a science convention last week.

Payette laughed at horoscopes, homeopathy, creationists, and climate change deniers.

It wasn't the facts that have people upset, it was her TONE.  She was mocking and derisive, which is too rude for a Canadian.

But, we're are in an age of ending the so-called political correctnes, so let's get rid of hypocrisy, too. It's high past time we called out the maroons and starting sticking up for reality. Horoscopes are hokum, there are no two sides in either evolution or climate change, and no, sugar pills won't cure your cancer, no matter how hard you hang on and hope. Bloodletting doesn't work, either, the earth is not flat and it came to be millions upon millions of years ago. Those are just plain ole facts.  

And, don't get me started on the guy in the red suit who shows up a few days after the winter solstice -- you know, when the earth rotates around the sun. You've heard about that one, right?


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