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The Shack


By Catherine Thompson

Do you watch tear jerkers and tend to avoid them?
I do like a good drama and usually the ones that tug at your heart strings. While I try to avoid giving movie reviews, I can't stop thinking about a movie I just watched.
It's called The Shack and it is based on the book written by William P. Young.
You know you get those movies or other art forms that leave their mark on you?
Well, this one really did.
And yes I bawled my eyes out through the whole thing and even after it was over.
It's about a man named Mack whose daughter is murdered. He later receives note in his mailbox from God inviting him to the delapidated shack where the murder took place.
This isn't a religious movie. This is a movie for everyone no matter your beliefs.
It's a movie that explores a number of questions we humans ask about life. It very much focuses on forgiveness.
I will caution you though it is hard to watch at times as it is what I consider a very honest look at a father's grief and struggles.
But the messages are so worth it.
And seeing Octavia Spencer play God is excellent.
The movie talks about shedding tears and the benefits of it. But I won't spoil anymore of the movie for you.
Again I recommend The Shack.

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