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An Ode to the Political Outsider


By Ken Hashizume


It is rare to hear a politician speak the same way as many of us do. Rob
Ford was the first to articulate his message into the mayoral seat in
mostly left-leaning Toronto.

Donald Trump is following the same formula. Despite many traditional
Republicans who felt their party was being hijacked by an outsider,
Trump was able to connect with a majority of Americans to win the White

Now it appears Patrick Brown is attempting to duplicate that same feat.
He may have a tougher time. Unlike Ford and Trump, Brown is not an
outsider and doesn't have the sandpaper as the other two. But he has
been blunt about Premier Wynne and the Liberal government. And that
message seems to be resonating with Ontario voters. Well, at least ones
outside of Toronto.

This is not so much about being a populist; it is about changing the way
people view politics. Taxes to be kept in line, services maintained, and
opportunities made available for everyone. Those are things people can
relate to.

Believe it or not, a lot people are attracted to this type of
politician. More than insiders would like you to think.

Voters feel they've been taken to the cleaners too often and they are
not going to take it anymore. No longer are they being kicked to the
curb; they are the ones now doing the kicking.

An outsider may not be experienced, or part of some clique. But that is
the big attraction. They don't play by the so-called rules; they want to
get results.

The more these people are elected to office, the better you and I will
be in the long run.

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