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By Alex Cunningham


Hi, I'm Alex Cunningham with 'Off the Wire'

There is a new bursary for graduating high school students from St. Mary's High School and Owen Sound District Secondary School courtesy of Owen Sound Fitness and Training.

Josh Burnett, the owner & operator of the facility, wants to further promote good health and fitness in youngsters through this scholarship package.

The bursary is for 1 male and 1 female student from each of the 2 high schools in the city which equates to 4 bursaries overall.

The $250 awards will go to students in their graduating class who are going onto pursue health and fitness programs at the college or university level.

Burnett has seen an increase in popularity of good health and fitness awareness in young people in recent years with more youngsters registering each year at his facility and other venues in the city.

He wants to acknowledge those students who are passionate about fitness and  will promote it while encouraging others in the future.

Both St Mary's & OSDSS are excited about the bursary offer and they too hope that it will raise awareness for the importance of being fit and healthy, especially  in their teens and early adult years.

I'm Alex Cunningham, Thanks for listening

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