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Haunted Houses

By John Christie

It's the month of the year when we explore the notion of...Haunted Houses!

I know of one. Right in the pleasant, respectable neighbourhood in which I was raised.

Just two doors from our old homestead. You wouldn't know to look at it. It appears to be a truly lovely house, in a beautiful, even scenic, lot. But its haunted, all right! By the phenomenon which has cast its shadow over the real estate market in recent years.

At some point, while I was sleeping I suppose, houses became not so much places to live in, but financial investments instead. Which has made the average income earner who simply wants a nice place to live and/or raise a family, out of luck. The house I talked about sits empty. No one is living there. It is owned by someone who owns at least two more, and lives in only one. It was purchased a few years ago, at a bargain by today's standards. The buyer likely speculated that it can be flipped later, at a considerable profit. This concept is not unique to this house. It's everywhere. Why do you think affordable housing in our major Canadian cities is virtually non-existent.

Remember the good old days? When investments were made in stocks, gold, GIC's, and even Canada Savings Bonds, which at the time yielded worthwhile interests rates...speaking of times gone. If you have money to put into extra houses, I offer this unsolicited advice. Find a professional Investment Advisor. Ours is Kelly. She's great. Leave houses as places to live in...not to profit from. Then, maybe that house near my boyhood home, and many more, will be haunted no more.

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