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By Jill Young

Fake news.

You've heard Donald Trump talk about it, but he actually calls real news agencies like CNN fake news.

But there's several websites that are either satirical or fake news -- just for fun.

The Beaverton, The Onion, and others, are known as hoax news websites, who either make fun of news stories or issue their own stories.

This weekend a friend of mine saw a story about Actor Morgan Freeman dying and shared a status on Facebook saying she hoped it wasn't true.

Well it wasn't true, it was fake news, but how many people see that and share it on social media, millions of times over, until it's too late.

This is one of the things that as a news broadcaster myself, really gets my shirt in a knot -- I hate it.

These websites, whether humourous or not, make people believe it's real news and I think it's time to take a look at whether these sites should even exist.

People shouldn't be vulnerable to news stories shared on these sites, they're not real, and when you're talking about the death of a prominent person, a new development in a serious attack on people, or whatever -- that's serious stuff.

People deserve the legitimate coverage of news from real sources, so that when it is shared, on social media or by mouth, it's at least some of the real facts.

Unfortunately people lead busy lives, and aren't able to keep up with news, so when someone shares something that's fake news - the wrong information spreads like wildfire.

So my thoughts to the fake news websites....leave it to the professionals and quit tricking people into thinking your story is the real deal.

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