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Kinda Tired


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I'm kinda tired...nit the usual tired...just kinds tired.

You can understand based on the sequence during this short week.

Tuesday, I did plyometrics with a 9 year old at Victoria Park- geez have I digressed and then helped with the Tyke Hockey program.

Kids can wear you out.

Further proof was the following day at Saugeen Bluffs were more than 500 kids competed in the Bluewater West Elementary Cross Country Meet.

Good for the kids who toughed out less than dry running conditions and many thanks to the Legion representatives who have been the backbone of this meet for decades.

Wednesday night, the Attack beat Erie 5-2. It might have been 7-2 except 2 Owen Sound goals were called back

Regardless, the Attack have gone 26 consecutive regular season home games without losing in regulation time.

Of course, Oshawa is in tomorrow and they've won every game in Owen Sound for the last years.

Yesterday, there was another cross country meet at the Kiwanis Soccer Complex with more than 900 runners on a banner day where the BIG winner might have been the Owen Sound Minor Soccer Snack Bar.

And finally last night, after a neat opening ceremony, the Knights of Meaford popped the Wiarton Schooners in the Greater Metro League.

All of which brings us to today- Lucky Friday the 13th at Mitsubishi and the 65th anniversary of McArthur Tire.

I think you get why I'm kinda tired.

I'm Fred Wallace

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