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Banning Automatic Weapons


By Phil DeLand

There are a few points of discussion that create a heated debate in our world.

The ethical quandary of eating meat, abortions and more again more recently, gun control.

It feels almost paradoxical to open a dialogue about the restricting of guns, especially after a tragedy such as Las Vegas.

Every year it seems there's a mass shooting somewhere in North America, and every year politicians and civilians have the same debate.

One side says "ban all guns to the public" while the other side says "it's my right to own a gun if I choose to."

Really, there's an easier fix than that, and I'm not talking about the mental health of people purchasing weapons.

As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, I sympathize with people who get their backs up whenever somebody in power says they want to take away guns.

However, I don't think you or I really need to own assault rifles.

What are you hunting or shooting that requires you to own an automatic weapon of such power?

I own a rifle and a shotgun to hunt deer and turkey.

For the general public to be able to get their hands on weapons normally reserved for the army is beyond ridiculous.

Who to sell guns to and how to determine their mental state is an argument in and of itself.

What type of guns to sell to people isn't as difficult.

Now, that may not stop mass shootings because if somebody gets it in their head that they're going to kill somebody they're going to do it.

What it may just do is limit casualties and give law enforcement more time to react.

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