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Coyotes Likely Culprits in Animal Killings


By Fadi Didi

Four Alpacas and a Llama are dead after an attack by wild animals at a rural Calgary area property.

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Five farm animals are dead after an attack by wild animals at a rural property just east Calgary.

It happened Tuesday morning.

Calgary police initially attributed the animals' deaths to an attack by two dogs that were seized from the property, but an investigation found it was more likely the work of coyotes.

Four alpacas were killed in the attack. Three of the animals were already dead when police arrived and a fourth died while they were on scene.

Calgary police also euthanized a llama on the property at the request of the owner because it was gravely injured.


Farm Credit Canada (FCC) has compared the financial health of Canada and the United States.

It found three trends.

First, farmland and buildings represent a greater proportion of farm assets in the U.S., 83 per cent compared to 75 per cent in Canada.

Second, while the current ratio for Canadian farms remains healthy at 2.31, the U.S. ratio has dropped to 1.55.

That means that liquidity is a major concern for U.S. farms.

and Third, the value of farm assets in both countries remains strong, according to Farm Credit Canada.

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