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A Bag of Goodies


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

We're heading to Thanksgiving Weekend and I hope at some point today you encounter the Great Paul Hill or Bob Bannister at Zehr's as they front the Salvation Army Food Drive.

In advance, thanks for your support.

For today, let's do a bunch of things.....

Almost a week ago, the Meaford Coyotes staged their 7th annual Run at the Georgian Bay Community School Athletic Field.

Thankfully they did it Saturday, and not Friday, based on the weather.

Some of the times turned in this year were faster. Some were slower. But most significantly, the number of participants seemed much higher especially in one of the Girls Divisions were the numbers doubled.

Next, Owen Sound Grey Motors United just missed a playoff berth in this their first year in the Kitchener District Soccer League.

Owen Sound went 6-15 & 1 with 5 of the 15 losses being by just 1 goal, so they were close and hopefully that gap between making and not making the playoffs will be bridged next season.

And finally, the Major League Baseball Playoffs are underway.

I see a World Series between Houston and the Dodgers.

The Blue Jays aren't participating in the Major League Playoffs, so we'll save that for another day.

I'm Fred Wallace

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