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PM Plows at the IPM


By Fadi Didi

Justin Trudeau has plowed a little bit of Huron County farmland.

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Justin Trudeau has plowed a little bit of Huron County farmland.

The Prime Minister and his family stopped at the International Plowing Match near Walton on Friday.

Wearing blue jeans and a ball hat, Trudeau hopped on a tractor and was able to plow a fairly straight furrow.

He also met with students from a nearby school who were at the plowing match, and dropped in to the Main Stage to hear several of the speeches in the Ontario Queen of the Furrow competition.

The IPM in Walton wrapped up on Saturday.


Police are investigating incidents southwest of Edmundston, New Brunswick where farm animals have been stolen, killed or injured.

There have been three incidents reported so far.

Two cows were mysteriously stolen from a farm the week of Aug. 21st.

Later in August, two more farm animals disappeared from a farm and were found shot.

Then a cow was shot and killed at a third farm between Sept. 7th and Sept. 9th.

It's unclear whether the incidents are related.

RCMP say their investigation is continuing.

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