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By Fred Wallace

Cobble Beach Pro Am Kicks Off Great Local Week



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

It looks like a great week for local sports.

The week gets off to a terrific start today as Cobble Beach Golf Resort hosts their 11th annual Pro-Am.

First of all, the number made me realize how quickly time is passing if this is Pro-Am # 11 at Cobble Beach !!

Next, with the passing of time comes the growth of the Pro-Am.

This year's event features 140 players.

In that field are 35 professionals who are competing for more than $ 10,000 in prize money.

Meanwhile the amateurs have a shot at garnering something from the prize table which is also tabbed at 10 grand.

As an illustration of how much clout this tournament has developed, the invitations are sent out in advance and within 2 days in this year's case, the tournament was filled.

Aside from the Cobble Beach Pro-Am, we've got the start of Bluewater Girls Basketball and Boys Volleyball, plus coming up on Saturday at Meaford, the 7th annual Coyote Run for elementary runners is set to go.

A great local sports week is already underway.

I'm Fred Wallace

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