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Stipulated To Stay


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The Canadian Softball team is slated to meet the United States today in a playoff crossover match at the World Baseball Softball Conference in the Dominican Republic.

We're following that as both Port Elgin's Blake Underwood and Ty Sebastian of the Durham Dodgers are with Team Canada.

The decree from the organizers of the World Baseball Softball Conference in the Dominican Republic this week was a curious one.

The X Pan Am Softball event is being conducted at Santo Domingo and everyone was well aware that Hurricane Maria was in the vicinity.

Weather projections suggested the Dominican Republic would not be hit directly, but the high winds and intense rain expected led the organizers to cancel Thursday's activities.

And here's where the decree came in to play.

The organizers related that any team that elected to leave the Dominican Republic in advance would forfeit their remaining tournament games.

I get that.

But the proclamation was further extended to inform any departing team that they would also be disqualified from the 2019 Pan Am Games if they departed.

That's a very tough and in my view, unfair choice.

You'd think safety would be the priority, first & foremost, but the leave-and-you're-done-this-year-and-next statement makes me wonder what's the top priority for the organizers.

I'm Fred Wallace

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