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By Fadi Didi

At the Keady Livestock Market on Tuesday, September 19th,  865 head of steers, heifers, cows and bulls were on offer.

Heavier cattle sold 2-5 higher while cull cows sold 2-3 lower.

Steer calves up to 600 pounds sold from $1.85 to $2.39, while heifers sold to $1.98.

Steers weighing 600-800 pounds sold from $1.82 to $2.28  while heifers sold to $1.99.

Steers weighing 800-1000 pounds sold to $2.13 while heifers sold from $1.33 to $1.82.

Cull cows sold from 70 to 90 cents while bulls sold to $1.25.

At the calf, sheep and goat barn 90 dollar calves were on offer, selling steady.

Holstein male calves weighing 100 to 150 pounds sold up to $280 per head.

Market lambs weighing 50-64 pounds sold to $2.15 per pound while Billy Goats sold up to $167 per head.

At the small animal sale, Seabright Pheasants sold to 13 dollars each while Guinea Fowl topped at 7.

Black Orphinton Poultry stopped at 9 dollars per bird while Female Geese sold to 12.


The 2017 IPM in Walton is cancelled today due to rain and will re-open tomorrow..

The Official opening ceremonies were held Tuesday despite the rain.

Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal spoke to the crowd about the NAFTA negotiations.

Leal met recently with the Agriculture Secretary in Wisconsin, the Dairy state, and he is optimistic Canada's supply management will remain in tact.

Leal says many Wisconsin farmers would prefer a supply management system like Canada has.

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