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Pity The Scalper


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Let's do a flashback to June of this year and the outrage caused by scalper bots.

Remember how the consumer waters were swollen with complaints and how the Ontario Government was going to get things under control ?

Maybe they have, but I've missed it.

This isn't an anti-government rant, I'll save that for horse racing matters, but rather a reality check.

In April, Blue Jay fans were wild that scalper bots and scalpers had managed to scoop up all the September home games at the Rogers Centre.

Now, with Kansas City and the Yankees coming in to wrap up the home season and the Jays nowhere near a playoff badly do you want those tickets now ?

And furthermore, who weeps for the scalper who is getting financially shredded by this miserable Blue Jay season ?

I don't like the scenario in which a technical wizard can garner all the best seats, but we do live in the free enterprise system and if someone can beat the system, more power to them.

And in those cases where the scalper beats the system but takes an extended bath, that too is just part of the supply & demand world we know and love.

I'm Fred Wallace

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