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Another Unique One


By Fred Wallace

Ontario Truck & Tractor Pull Association



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Through the years I've had some unique announcing experiences; the Jack Rabbit races at Hepworth, the Food Basics Shopping Spree, Tara Fair horse racing and of course, the ultimate, Frog Jump at Wiarton.

Last weekend I was at Victoria Park in Owen Sound for the Agricultural Society's 165th annual Fall Fair.

My duties; calling the Ontario Truck & Tractor Pulling Association event.

Now keep in mind, truck & tractor pull seems fairly straightforward, but, as I discovered, it's more complex than it looks.

In fairness, once I caught on to the sequence and protocol of the test hook, track maintenance and other nuances, I thought I did fairly well....of course the OTTPA & the Fair Board may think otherwise.

You can argue whether the activity is a " sport ", but there's no question it is a competition and the best part of the competition is the draw for local drivers to participate with their vehicles from our region.

The Ontario Truck & Tractor Pulling Association has numerous dates ahead this Fall including the Great Northern Exhibition at Collingwood September 23rd.

I'm fairly certain, based on the crowd they drew to Victoria Park last Friday, the OTTPA will be back in Owen Sound for the 2018 Fair.....we'll see if I'm part of this unique event for another year.

I'm Fred Wallace

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