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MLB Divisional Races


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

My interest in Major League Baseball started in the late 1960's and ran high for about a quarter of a century.

I may be looking at this through rose colored glasses, but I'm being honest when I tell you I was vastly more interested in the 4 team playoff which featuring the 2 divisional champions from both the American League and National League.

I'm also being honest when I tell you the World Series carried more significance for me when it climaxed in mid-October rather than early November.

Coincidentally, as baseball expanded in terms of teams and playoff structure, my level of interest declined.

Looking at the 6 divisions today, you can make a case that there are only 2 divisional races and even at that, the Cubs and the Red Sox look like solid bets to hang on.

And while we're talking about the Red Sox, they recently conceded they used an Apple Watch in games against the Yankees to electronically relay catcher signals to their hitters to tip them off to the upcoming pitch.

All of which reminded of the great story pertaining to a youthful Lloyd Moseby when he played in the minors at Medicine Hat.

Trailing in a lopsided game, Moseby doubled and promptly relayed the opposition signs to the next batter by yelling " CURVE BALL ".

I'm Fred Wallace

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