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Timgren & McKeck's


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

It's September 5th.
School, more or less, starts today.
And while Summer isn't officially,'s over

One of the neat summer junkets was a trip to Canning Lake- I'm not really sure where it is exactly.

Regardless, I ended up at a cottage that was built and at one time occupied by........... Ray Timgren.

The current occupants were stunned when I informed them I'd never heard of Ray Timgren.

Turns out Ray Timgren was both an excellent hockey player, a 2 time Stanley Cup winner and later a noted educator- you can look it up.

Later, the current occupants of the Timgren cottage took me in their boat to Haliburton, home of Walt McKechnie.

I remember Walt McKechnie as a NHL player.

Plus, it seemed to me that McKechnie had some famous memorabilia from Phil Esposito that was attached to the top of the bar at McKechnie's restaurant, " McKeck's ".

Before I knew it, there I was at the bar in " McKeck's ".

However, " McKeck's " is no longer owned by Walt McKechnie, although I understand from the friendly manager, he's a regular on Fridays at the establishment.

And while there's a neat Haliburton Hockey Hall of Fame tribute on the wall of the joint, there's nothing that belonged to Phil Esposito as far as I could see.

Still, Ray Timgren and Walt McKechnie were unique side stories and side trips in a summer that is unofficially now over.

I'm Fred Wallace

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