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Bayshore Race is set for Sunday.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

With the 2017 Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular nicely underway, we can now turn our attention to another significant community event set for the weekend.

The 8th annual Bayshore Race commences Sunday morning and winds its way along the Owen Sound shoreline.

The first group out on the course will be the half marathoners and 10K Power Walkers at 7:30 am followed by the start of the 10k Race at 8, the 5k Race and 5k Fun Walk at 8:30 and finally at 9:30, the 1k Kids' Run will be staged.

The Bayshore Race Organizers are hoping to attract close to 600 runners and walkers, all of whom have paid an entry fee and/or raised pledge money for the activity.

Funds raised at the race this year will support improvements to diagnostic testing at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital, ironically a place where many should go after the race for treatment...or maybe to have their head read.

I'm among the perplexing entries, not really a runner, I've done the half marathon 3 times and managed to lower my time from 3 hours & 6 minutes down to 2 hours & 29 minutes last year.

This year, for greater motivation, my good friend Larry Mellott, the esteemed play by play announcer for the Guelph Storm, has entered and we've made a pact to run together.

It might the quietest 2 & 1/2 hours Larry & I have ever spent together.

Have a great weekend, See you Sunday.

I'm Fred Wallace

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