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The Power of Community & Radio


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

I was at Owen Sound City Council last night, one of 4 people to be honored with a Canada 150-Molson Canadian Community Leader award.

Trust me, I was very grateful for the selection, and for that I want to thank the nominating committees, Owen Sound City Council ( especially Brian O'Leary ) and Molson's. It was a very nice night.

It was also quite humbling to be included in the group of 4 with Verona Jackson, Blaine Courtney and Lyle Love; people that I've known for decades and through that time have contributed to many significant aspects of life in the city and in our region.

Having said all that, I think it's more than fair to say that my inclusion in this group is truly, and maybe solely, an example of the power of community when it's combined with the power of radio.

To be honest, I'm fully aware that I get an awful lot of credit for an awful lot of things where my involvement is minimal at best.

Pick any function over a calendar year, be it an Attack promotion, Hanover Raceway, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Crimestoppers, the Hospital campaign, etc......many others create these projects, do all the preparation and planning, execute the event seamlessly on the day of, plus follow up to make sure the next event will be even better..... and then watch Fred Wallace get the credit and recognition.

It's not right. Certainly not in my mind

My immediate thought when Molson's contacted me regarding the award a couple of months ago, was that there were easily 400 more deserving leaders, coordinators & volunteers in the city.

To those people, I say ' well done ', and truly hope they continue doing exactly what they've been doing for many years ahead.

Owen Sound is a great city, like the slogan says ' Where You Want To Live ' and when the population gets behind something, just look around, it's a powerful force.

And what I know only too well, that powerful community force can be multiplied many times over by the power of radio.

I'm Fred Wallace

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