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Blue Jays Sightings


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I'm not sure if you knew, but I was away earlier in the month on a fabulous junket to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island & New Brunswick.

The fact it was fabulous was primarily due to the trip organizers at Hanover Holidays, and if you haven't seen the Maritimes, take the Hanover Holidays route- it's one delightful experience after the next.

This may surprise you, but on excursions like this, I keep an eye out for the sporting venues in the cities and communities we visit.

With little effort, I found the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, had a fun visit in the East Link Centre at Charlottetown and noticed the new Moncton rink being constructed off Main Street, The only facility I missed was Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, the home of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles..... maybe next time....

You know what else I missed, and I found this odd, on my day to day travels over almost 2 weeks I saw one, just ONE, Quebec Major Junior logo.

I didn't see a Moosehead in Halifax.
There were no Islander sightings at Charlottetown.
And nothing that resembled a Wildcat in Moncton.

All I saw was one lone Screaming Eagle ball cap by the giant fiddle in Sydney.

Now, I did see lots and lots of Blue Jays paraphernalia which supports Rogers claim that the Jays are " Canada's Team ".

Of course, if the Jays keep getting blown out like they did when I was in the Maritimes, the Toronto logo may become as hard to locate as the Moosehead, the Islanders and the Wildcat logos.

I'm Fred Wallace


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