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" Queen of the Blades " Lela Brooks won nearly 100 medals.


Lela Brooks was an Olympian in the demonstration sport of women's speedskating in 1932.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Further to yesterday's comment about women in sports and the coverage they receive, or lack thereof, I just finished reading a neat piece on Lela Brooks.

Born in Toronto, Brooks was known as the " Queen of the Blades " in speedskating.

On the local, provincial, national and international level, Brooks was both dominant, winning virtually every time out, and a pioneer for women's sports.

As her daughter Carol, who guided me to the article, explained, in that era, women were basically forbidden from doing anything that might cause perspiration.....still Lela Brooks perspired and persisted.

She won close to 100 medals over a decade and half beginning in 1922 perhaps highlighted by a World Championship in 1926 in New Brunswick.

Lela Brooks was an Olympian, participating in the demonstration sport of women's speedskating in 1932 and making the Canadian Olympic team in 1936 for the Games at Germany.

However, Lela Brooks opted not to compete in the 1936 Winter Olympics.

Instead, she elected to get married and moved with her husband to Owen Sound where she lived until her passing at age 82 in 1990.

I'm Fred Wallace

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