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A questionaire on radio sports coverage.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with Off the Wire.

Back in the Spring, I received a questionnaire from Natasha at St Mary's High School.

Natasha had formulated a handful of queries, mostly pertaining to the ratio of sports coverage between male and female sports locally.

On the day I received the questionnaire, May 17th, the lineup for local sports on the station actually favored the ladies by a 6-3 count.

For female sports that day, I had Bluewater Girls Soccer, CWOSSA Girls Rugby, CWOSSA Girls Field Lacrosse, the Grey Bruce Ladies Fastball League, Girls Intermediate Box Lacrosse plus Satellites Gymnastics.

Comparatively speaking, the male entries that day were the Bluewater Boys Soccer Championship, the Ontario Senior Golf Club Championship and Junior B Lacrosse.

In fairness, I 'd say the ratio is reversed for most of the calendar year.

For comparison, the Associated Press on " Sports Right Now " had ONE story pertaining to female sports; Maria Sharapova being banned from the French Open.

And Canadian Press on their daily " Sportsbreak " had ZERO female sports content.

The questionnaire is part of a course at St Mary's High School in Owen Sound.

I hope Natasha e-mails back with her grade score.

I'm Fred Wallace

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