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No Barr, So Far


By Fred Wallace

Attack Coach Search Continues



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The sequence was quick, easy to follow and tidy...probably too tidy.

Coach Ryan McGill left the Owen Sound Attack on June 29th to become an Assistant Coach with the Vegas Golden Knights.

The following day, I wrote down all the names of former OHL coaches I thought qualified for the type of coach Owen Sound wants and needs going forward and upward this season.

It was a short list of 4 and included the name Dave Barr.

Barr's inclusion on the list was the easiest to surmise since he had been a candidate for a previous Owen Sound coaching vacancy.

The day after that, last Saturday when I was at Hanover Raceway, I was convinced that Dave Barr WOULD be the next Attack could say I heard it from the horses' mouth.

And finally, two days later, on the Holiday Monday at 10 am, it struck me as strange that the ONLY 2 cars in the vacant Bayshore Parking lot belonged to Attack GM Dale DeGray and the PR Director Shaun Bisson.

So, putting 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 together, I fully anticipated a news release to announce Dave Barr as the new Head Coach of the Owen Sound Attack. why are we waiting ?

Well, as mentioned, Dave Barr was in the mix, maybe at the front of the candidates, to replace Mark Reeds when he departed in 2011.

BUT, Barr got an NHL Assistant Coach offer from New Jersey and grabbed it,  so Greg Ireland got the Attack gig.

Now, 6 years later, it's thought that another NHL Assistant job might be available, in San Jose possibly to replace Bob Boughner who left the Sharks to be the head coach of Florida.

Of course the natural connection is that Peter DeBoer is the Sharks Head Coach, the very same Peter DeBoer who was in New Jersey in 2011 and hired Dave Barr.

The hockey world is a small one and potentially, for a second time this decade, the Owen Sound Attack might get " Barred ".

I'm Fred Wallace

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