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Picked and Bypassed


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I watched the first round of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft with interest last Friday night.

I followed with interest the next day for the completion of the draft.

Naturally, like the Owen Sound Attack themselves, I'm very happy for the half dozen Attack players; Suzuki, Gadjovich, Sushko, Phillips, Bourque and Palmu who were selected over the course of the event.

And, like the Attack and their fans, I'm disappointed and surprised to a certain extent that the record number of 6 Owen Sounders drafted wasn't higher.

But that's the mystique of the National Hockey League Entry Draft.
Often players are drafted, celebrated, given a major opportunity with the drafting organization and it goes nowhere. Pick 1 of 1,000 examples.

And then there are the Joel Wards, the Dan Snyders, the Curtis Sanfords, even the Sean Averys, who were overlooked with frequency yet still managed to get there and have successful terms in the NHL.

The NHL Draft is no guarantee of an NHL spot for those selected and it's certainly not a barrier for those who were bypassed IF they're good enough. The NHL Entry Draft is simply a snapshot, a moment in time and that moment ended Saturday evening.

Back to the Attack for a moment......

Among the players not drafted over the weekend was a player from another OHL organization of significant interest to the Owen Sound club who quite likely will be making the pitch to the rival club, to the player and especially to the player's agent that life could be better with a relocation to the Scenic City.

I'm Fred Wallace


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