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Five + ?

By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

The National Hockey League Entry Draft is this weekend at the United Centre in Chicago, the opening round tomorrow night followed by rounds 2 through 7 on Saturday.

Seven rounds, 217 players will be selected and the level of anticipation and expectation is high, maybe higher than ever in Owen Sound.

The belief is that Nick Suzuki will hear his name called on Friday night in the 1st round which would make him the first Attack player since Joey Hishon in 2010 to be selected in the opening round by an NHL club.

Beyond Suzuki, Jonah Gadjovich, Markus Phillips, Maksim Sushko. Kevin Hancock, Zachary Roberts, Sean Durzi and Trenton Bourque all made the Central Scouting final list.

They won't all be selected but will there be as many, or more, selected than in 2012 when Jarrod Maidens, Gemel Smith, Jake Dotchin, Joseph Blandisi and Artur Gavrus were chosen by NHL teams ?

Hard to say, but always intriguing to watch.

I'm Fred Wallace

2017 NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings

10 SUZUKI, NICK     5' 11"    183    Center    OWEN SOUND    
39 GADJOVICH, JONAH  6' 1"    199    Left Wing    OWEN SOUND    
50 PHILLIPS, MARKUS     6' 0"    202    Defenseman    OWEN SOUND    
72 SUSHKO, MAKSIM     6' 0"    181    Right Wing    OWEN SOUND
91 HANCOCK, KEVIN     5' 11"    182    Left Wing    OWEN SOUND    
113 ROBERTS, ZACHARY  6' 0"    184    Left Wing    OWEN SOUND
124 DURZI, SEAN     6' 0"    195    Defenseman    OWEN SOUND
154 BOURQUE, TRENTON  6' 2"    200         Defenseman    OWEN SOUND

2012 NHL Entry     

Selections from Owen Sound

Jarrod Maidens Ottawa     82                 
Gemel Smith     Dallas         104
Jake Dotchin     Tampa Bay     161
Joseph Blandisi Colorado     162
Artur Gavrus     New Jersey     180

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