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Crawford & Burrows Win Awards


By Fred Wallace

OMHA Wrap Up



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

There was some delightful news out of Richmond Hill a week or so ago when the Ontario Minor Hockey Association held their annual awards and year-end wrap up.

A couple of hockey people in our region were saluted for their efforts on behalf of minor hockey programs.

Vonnie Crawford from the Township of Chatsworth and District Minor Hockey Association was presented with the Patricia Hartley Administrator's Award.

The award is presented " in recognition of exemplary service in the field of sports administration ".

Whether it's Minor Hockey, Highlanders Hockey or even Minor Ball, Vonnie Crawford is well known in these parts for being able to get things organized and get things done.

Meanwhile, Kincardine Minor Hockey nominated Derrick Burrows for a variety awards to mark his service of more than 30 continuous years.

Burrows has served in a variety of positions on the Kincardine Executive but he is best known for running the Initiation/Tyke program.  

As a result, Derrick Burrows was presented with the OMHA's Excellence in Development Award.

There are countless Minor Hockey volunteers in the communities throughout our broadcast region, none of whom do it for the recognition.

All of which makes the OMHA recognition of Vonnie Crawford out of Chatsworth & Derrick Burrows in Kincardine very special.

I'm Fred Wallace

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