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Is That June ?


By Fred Wallace

Hanover Raceway Opens Saturday



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Is that June staring me in the face ?

A double check of the calendar confirms that June commences on Thursday which means 2 days later, the 2017 harness racing season at Hanover Raceway begins.

The 2017 season which starts Saturday night will include a number of different features at Hanover primarily because the track is in somewhat of a transition phase.

Among the alterations at Hanover is a reduction of race nights ( again ) to 15 for the Spring and Summer series, plus after almost a decade and a half, the race night program and promotion people have been shifted and shuffled.

Some familiar faces and features remain. Others are gone and will be replaced by new contests and promotions.

But, as former General Manager Al Keeling once told me, " the race is the thing ", meaning once the first race of the season hits the final turn and the crowd rises for the chase down the stretch, you realize that harness racing is back at Hanover and that June truly is upon us.

We'll see you Saturday night for the first race at 7:15 pm.

I'm Fred Wallace

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