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The Vegas Tally


By Fred Wallace

Puppy White Tours III



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

After returning home from the 3rd annual Vegas Venture with Puppy White Tours, I've been asked many times, ' how much money did you win ? '

Those who know Las Vegas alter the question to, ' how much money did you lose, Fred ? '.

Let's put it this way, I had a great time and the financial damage was pretty minimal.

A year ago, I was disheartened when I went 7 & 15 on sports wagering.

This year with greater motivation and focus, I bypassed the .500 mark and went 15 & 13 on individual games.

However, that doesn't mean I turned a profit.

The issue for me was that I bet heavier on 6 NHL Playoff games, taking the home team in all 6 contests.

Apparently home ice means NOTHING in the NHL Playoffs as I only cashed 2 of the 6 wagers.

As for baseball, I was a respectable 13 & 8 which would have been better if the Nationals or Diamondbacks could have held healthy 9th inning leads.

Plus, I bet a substantial amount on the St Louis Cardinals to beat the Blue Jays one night- the very night that Chris Coghlan jumped over Molina to score and Brett Cecil fired a pickoff into right field and the Cardinal bullpen couldn't retire Marcus Stroman and......

Well, I'm fairly pleased with a 15 & 13 record and have already started saving my shackles for Puppy White 4 to Las Vegas in April 2018.

You should too.

I'm Fred Wallace

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