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Find out what GOLF stands for.


Some golfers still believe it's a game for men only.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. " 

This will upset a LOT of my friends, but trust me when I tell you at least once a month on the course, somebody in my group rhymes off the definition of " golf ".

GOLF stands for " Guys Only, Ladies Forbidden ".

And then we all have a big chuckle and continue to shank our way around the course.

In recent times there have been some staggering alterations to course policies that many find bothersome, others find amusing.

The course that will host the 2020 Olympic golf tournament in Japan has decided to change its membership policy to include women.

" Reportedly ", the club executive board decided on the change after " discussions " among its members. 

It had NOTHING to do with the governor of Tokyo urging them to alter the policy in the face of the spirit of the Olympics.

Then there's Muirfield in Scotland where members voted to admit females for the first time in its 273-year history.

This vote paved the way for the Scottish golf club to once again host the British Open.

Coincidence ?.....I don't think so.

In fact based on these rapid reversals, the name and definition of the sport may change to MOBGOF, " Move Over Boys, Girls On Fairway. "

I'm Fred Wallace

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