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Lopsided hockey score brings back memories.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I was watching a Girls Hockey game this year.

The players involved were young- so young, that one of the teams was playing their first ever game in the sport..... The other team was more experienced.

Predictably, the experienced team won by a lopsided score.

In fairness, the scorekeeper stopped keeping track at 6-0, but the final was close to 20-0.

I felt bad for the losing side..... Then I remembered something that happened in 1968 in the very first game of organized hockey that I can remember.

The Midland Dorion Sand and Gravel Tykes lost 11-2 at Penetanguishene.

I didn't know much about sports, or about anything, in those days, but I knew that score wasn't good.

Still, and I'm sure I've told this story many times, as 1968 became 1969, the margin between Penetang and Midland got smaller and smaller to the point that Dorion Sand & Gravel scored a massive upset of Penetang that year at the Timmy Tyke Tournament in Scarborough.

Trust me when I say it was a BIG thing then...and it's a warm memory all these years later.

Watching the girls game in 2016, I wondered how long before they experience the sweetness of a payback victory.

And I also wondered about the future beyond hockey for the losing side.

Would those girls become dry cleaning emperors, comfortably retired police officers, successful insurance agents or Provincial Minor Hockey treasurers the way the lives of the Dorion Sand & Gravel team members have played out ?

I sure hope so.

I'm Fred Wallace 

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