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No records set, but swim meet called a success.


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The annual McDonald's Canadian Record Challenge Swim Meet was staged at the Owen Sound Y Pool in early April.

Most significantly, there were no Canadian records set during the course of the meet.

The Challenge from McDonald's is to break an existing Canadian record at the Owen Sound meet and pocket $ 1,000 for establishing the mark.

And while it's been done before, there was no payout this year.

That's not to say the meet wasn't a success.

As time goes on the Y Pool at the Julie McArthur Regional Rec Centre makes it easier to forget that once upon a time, the Owen Sound Aquatic Meet was Guelph.

Now with the this facility and the McDonald's Challenge, the annual affair carries a great deal of lustre.

And for the swimmers of the Owen Sound Aquatic Club, the 2017 Challenge was a good one.

There were first place results for 11 girls and 8 boys from the Owen Sound club with both Sarah Diemert and Henry Pick scoring 4 victories.

No Canadian records and no cash payments, but that doesn't diminish the success of the 2017 McDonald's Challenge Meet in Owen Sound

I'm Fred Wallace

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