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Scalpers getting scalped by the public.


Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

One of the simple lessons in life is being able to determine the difference between what you need and what you want.

I say this as it pertains to the great scalper controversy that evolved over the Winter and featured the Attorney General of Ontario as a Central figure.

The Attorney General  launched an open consultation as it pertains to the buying and selling of tickets online.

The issue came to a head when Scalper bots were overriding the limits that websites have when selling tickets to your favorite sport or concert.

Many ticket buyers were crying that they either weren't able to purchase the tickets immediately when released or couldn't afford to buy them at the inflated price the scalpers charged once they had procured the tickets through the scalper bots.

I say ' boo-hoo '.

This is a simple illustration of supply and demand.

Everyone vilifies the scalpers for their greed and underhanded method of acquiring the supply.

But if the demand is soft, who cries for the poor scalper when he, or she, takes a financial bath.

Do I really need to see the Leafs, the Jays, The Body Guard or the Tragically Hip Farewell Concert ? 


But if I really, really want to see any of those performances, all I need to do is see my local scalper and suck it up.

I'm Fred Wallace

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