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MLB attendance.


Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "

Who won in Major League Baseball in 2016 ?

The easy answer is The Cubs, the winners of the World Series.

But a sports championship is just one gauge of success, and sometimes a small one.

As we've discovered, money can heal almost any sporting pain from not winning

Overall, Baseball lost in 2016, as there was an 11 percent drop in league attendance.

The 30 MLB teams combined to draw just over 73 million fans or an average of 30,169 per game.

So again, who won ?

In the National League, the winners were the West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers who led in home attendance at 3.7 million

The American League leaders....the Toronto Blue Jays at 3.39 million.

So with a Wild Card berth, a playoff victory and some bucks in the bank, that's a solid season for the Blue Jays.

As you go down the list, the club that leaps off the page at you is the Cleveland Indians who went to the 7th and deciding game of the World Series before losing to the Cubs.

The Indians home attendance was 1.59 million, which was was 28th overall in Major League attendance.

So, the Indians who came close to winning the World Series, but their banker is envious of many others who came nowhere close.

I'm Fred Wallace

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