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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

That didn't take too long.....

There were two significant pieces of information passed along following the Canadian Broomball Championships in Alma, Quebec.

The first item was the result from the Men's Final where the Kilsyth Phantoms lost the Gold Medal match 4-0 to the Quebec Patriotes who sealed the win with 2 empty netters.

And while the silver was big news for the Phantoms, I found the other item even more notable.

The 2018 Canadian Broomball Championship Tournament is due back in Owen Sound for April of 2018.

My surprise at this turn of events was that while the 2016 Nationals in Owen Sound were very successful, the vibe I got from the organizers was that they would be more agreeable and more likely to stage the Provincial Championships than the Canadian tournament in the future.

The thesis for leaning towards the Provincial Broomball Tournament as opposed to the Nationals was the Ontario Championships attract more teams, more players, features far less bureaucracy and, in general, generates a larger bang for the organizing committee buck.

But, just one year after the Canadian Broomball Championship was at the Lumley-Bayshore and McArthur Rec Centre it appears it's making a return for 2018, far sooner than I ever anticipated.

I'm Fred Wallace

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