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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I think you know that I wasn't among the brokenhearted when it was announced that NHL players would not participate in the next Olympic Games.

Honestly, I've cared little for Olympic Men's Hockey since the 90's whereas before that, I was into it big time.

In 1980, the Miracle on Ice, I was into it, not for the unheralded Americans, but rather for the Canadian National team who played hard but squandered their opportunity to shoot for a medal.

Glenn Anderson, Randy Gregg, Paul MacLean, Tim Watters, goaltender Jake Dupuis of Penetanguishene and 40 year old Terry O'Malley.

To me, that was what Olympic Hockey, and the Olympics were about, or should be about.

Athletes committed to competing for Gold for their country.

I'm not saying the NHL players weren't patriotic or lacked commitment, I'm saying to a man, I'd bet they'd tell you the Stanley Cup was of far more significance than Olympic Gold.

And that's why I'm not disappointed one bit to see the NHL step away from Olympic Hockey

I'm Fred Wallace

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