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By Fred Wallace

Jays at Baltimore To Open 2017 Season



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The Major League Baseball season started yesterday but for the Toronto Blue Jays it all kicks off this afternoon at Baltimore.

The Jays and Orioles will open at 3:05 this afternoon ending the lengthy off season and launching the much anticipated 2017 season for Toronto.

There was a time, almost 2 decades in length, were the start of the Blue Jays season was greeted with a spike in interest only to be followed by an identifiable tail off, sometimes as quickly as the second weekend of the season.

But with back to back trips to the American League Championship Series in 2015 & 2016, the off season for Jays fans has been like waiting for Christmas.

However, the opening of the presents or Opening Day has been soiled somewhat by a less than sterling record in the pre-season where the Jays lost more than they won and frequently lost in lopsided fashion.

Is there a correlation between Spring Training and the regular season ?

Will get a tiny glimpse this afternoon when the Jays and Orioles go at Camden Yard

I'm Fred Wallace

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