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Tonight's Attack game in Windsor could be a playoff preview.

By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

It's never easy in Owen Sound, is it ?

The Attack of the Ontario Hockey League are at Windsor tonight to face the Spitfires in what might be a first round playoff preview.

At the moment, the Attack are aligned to play Kitchener in the OHL Western Conference playoffs while Windsor is linked to London.

However,  with 2 contrary results, say a Windsor win tonight and a London win at home tomorrow against Flint, and suddenly the Knights would sit third and the Attack would fall to 4th.

Of course, while no one would admit this, there was a general belief that Owen Sound would have a 3 point bulge on London going to the final 3 games of the season.

Tuesday night, the Attack did the expected and continued their mastery over the Flint franchise with a 14th straight win on home ice.

What was largely unexpected was London winning AT Erie where the Otters who had a chance to virtually seal 1st place in the Western Conference, had a home ice record of 29-1 & 1 going into the contest.

To a certain extent, the unpredictability is what makes this year and this time of the year so special for Owen Sound....even if it's never easy.

I'm Fred Wallace

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