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Silent Game Bombs


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

The New York Knicks staged a " Silent Game " last weekend.

In a nutshell, and maybe part of a strategic attempt to throw the Golden State Warriors off their game, the Knicks Game Day experience featured no music, no video and limited in-game entertainment during timeouts in the first half.

From all accounts it bombed.

The Warriors were the most vocal, Draymond Green in particular, labelling the move pathetic, disrespectful, and trash.

I wasn't surprised there was a backlash, but I'll admit the level of the outrage was higher than I expected.

To a certain extent, I also hoped the move would succeed.

Sometime this century I was at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre in Midland for a Junior C game between the Flyers and Penetanguishene Kings.

The sound system blew up and there was no music, no pa and truthfully, I rather enjoyed it.

Just the whack of sticks, the sound of the puck against the boards and the animated chatter of the two teams.

I also remember a CBC strike one time where the announcers were absent and I watched the Montreal Canadiens meet the Bruins in Boston with the only audio being the natural sound of the game and the reaction of the crowd to what was happening during play and during stoppages.

Maybe hockey is better than basketball for the silent treatment.

But truthfully, we crossed a line long ago and game ambience alone is long gone from our sporting activities.

I'm Fred Wallace

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