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Wiarton Kraft Hockeyville


By Fred Wallace

Top 10 To Be Announced Saturday



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Usually when I talk to James Boulter, or talk about James Boulter, it's swimming related.

But James Boulter is also a student at Peninsula Shores District School and as part of his Leadership Class, he and a handful of others took the helm to coordinate a Kraft Hockeyville bid for the town of Wiarton.

Boulter is enthused by the reaction and support the community has displayed for the bid and he's hopeful that come Saturday, Wiarton will be among the Top 10 communities selected in the showdown process.

If they make the Top 10, automatically the arena will receive $ 10,000 to put towards renovation projects.

The leadership group has identified accessibility, dressing room size, scoreboard, sound system and heating system as primary targets to upgrade..

There's a lot of communities in the hunt to be Kraft Hockeyville right across the country, so the competition is deep.

However, Top 10 or otherwise, James Boulter and the Leadership Class have seen a renewed sense of place for hockey in the town and opened numerous doors that will benefit Wiarton and area going forward.

I'm Fred Wallace

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