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Family Day


By Fred Wallace

Sporting Families of Note



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Yesterday was Family Day and as I watched the Attack play the Steelheads at Mississauga, I got thinking about Ontario Hockey League families....

There were 4 Staals and at least that many Carricks, plus 3 Pelechs I remember, and were there not 3 O'Neills as well; Donnie, Jeff & Ryan ?

Of course, the pipe dream for the Attack is that they'll have two Suzukis next year, but that looks like an extreme longshot at the moment.

Then on the way home, with the Blue Jays only days away from their Spring Training opener, the topic turned from hockey families to baseball families.

We had a fun debate over whether the Bonds, the Griffeys or the Fielders produced the best father-son combination in Major League Baseball

And while the family didn't produce superstars in baseball, the Boone & Bell families got special notation for having 3 generation family members in the Majors.

I'm sure you could do an extensive study on family histories in sports, pro or amateur, but for Family Day 2017, the discussion off the top our heads made for a quicker trip home from Mississauga.

I'm Fred Wallace

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