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Happy Valentine's Day


By Fred Wallace

Scarecrow 150 Suggestions



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "

Happy Valentine's Day.

Marilyn Morris, the Head Scarecrow for the annual Scarecrow Invasion at Meaford stopped by the station last week.

The 2017 Festival, which will be a celebration of Canada's 150th, is set for September 29th and while the date seems a LONG way away, the preparations are well underway.

The Head Scarecrow wondered if I would submit some famous Canadian sports oriented names for the celebration, names that could be " Scarecrow-ized ".

I know that somewhere in the vast Scarecrow warehouse the likenesses of both Don Cherry and Bob McKenzie exist from a previous Scarecrow celebration.

.......but who else ?

My thoughts were Paul Henderson for " The Goal ", Joe Carter for the " Touch 'Em All " homer and Donovan Bailey for the 100 metre championship at the Atlanta Olympics.

Of course the evil side of me thought it would be appropriate to have a Ben Johnson Scarecrow and hoist it outside Muxlow's Pharmacy...but that might be contrary to the spirit of the festival.

So, Paul Henderson, Joe Carter and Donovan Bailey are my suggestions. If you have a suggestion for a Canada 150 Scarecrow, let me know or contact the Head Scarecrow in Meaford.

I'm Fred Wallace

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